This was the best massage I've had here and I've been coming for quite a few years (8 -10 years). Loved the pre- head/shoulders. I lucked out today!! Keep it up. Great therapist.
~ Jim

Emily has a gift!! It is amazing how she can zero in and target the areas that are hurting and then give you an incredible massage. She is also willing to listen to your suggestions on what you have found works for you from other therapists which makes for great massages every single time!!

The best massage I've had in dozens of massages. Cranial work was terrific, environment "extras" are much appreciated. Communication with client and professionalism are terrific. You'll have a fantastic career in massage therapy. Thank you.

Emily has done wonderful working with my son DJ, who has mild cerebral palsy and muscle spasticity. He looks forward to her coming every week! She is very kind and gentle while stretching and massaging him. Thank you Emily for going out of your way to come here to our home to work on DJ! You're the best!!

You could tell right where the knots in my shoulders were- They were so sore when I came in and you carefully, gently, knowledgeably relaxed them and coaxed the pain and stiffness out. The work on my neck, head, and the soles of my feet was so nice- very appreciated. The extras are such a nice touch.You made the room so peaceful and inviting with your deco and the water was much appreciated. Keep it up!

Emily was very open and gentle. I always felt comfortable with her. She listened to my requests and checked back often which I appreciated. Keep doing what you're doing!

Everything amazing! Best massage I've ever had here!

In the hallway, I mentioned what I needed and she went right to work, simply "sensing" which parts needed more work over others. Very helpful and knew what to do, even gave me some stretches at the end. Thank you, Emily.

She was very professional, courteous, and wanting to work all the places specific for me! She was so easy to work with and it was one of the best massages I've had in a long time. She was wonderful!

Outstanding intro work. Really set the stage. Met my requests- sells your work. Really liked the flow and variety of strokes. Very soothing. Great job. THANKS!
~ Brian (LMT)

I liked how she was able to meet my special requests and then some, so use of time was great. And she used a lot of new techniques that I liked like facial massage. I thought it was amazing! She gave me water-  that hasn't happened before and I appreciated the thought.

Very caring, perfect massage. Don't stop!
Emily was very knowledgeable, immediately recognized my trigger points and worked wonders! Gave me some excellent suggestions. Emily is wonderful!
I feel so relaxed! Thank you!! She followed her intuition very well on what I needed.
The pressure, the atmosphere, Emily's kindness and attitude. I liked that Emily was respectful. Keep on with your good work.