Your Massage Session


Before Your Session

At the initial setting up of your appointment, whether that's through a phone call or email, we will discuss your goals and purposes of your massage or body work session, your current physical condition, as well as any pain issues or areas you want specific work on. If it is your first experience with massage, I will briefly go over the usual procedure and answer any questions or concerns you may have. This will also give us each an opportunity to get to know one another a bit.

 If this will be your first visit to my studio, I will also encourage you to go to my website to the "Policies and Forms" tab to download, print off, and fill out the Client Intake Form, the Client Status Report Form, Client Health History Form, and the Massage Therapy Informed Consent Form. These should not take too much time to complete at home to then bring with you at your scheduled appointment. (If this isn't possible, you may also come 20 minutes or so early and fill them out here.) 

At the scheduled time of your appointment, I will greet you warmly at the door, invite you in and briefly go over what we previously discussed in the initial consultation, as well as take time to review your paperwork or if you are a repeat client, note any updated changes in your health status since your initial visit.

I will then lead you to a quiet and serene room-- my studio-- where I have made every effort to make this a comfortable, peaceful, and inviting environment. A small table and a chair have been provided to place your personal belongings. I would kindly ask if you could completely turn off your cell phone as to not become a distraction. If you'd like, relaxing music can be played, or if you would prefer quiet instead, it is completely your choice.

I will then leave the room while you disrobe to your level of comfort. Some clients prefer to completely disrobe, and some will remain partially clothed. However you most feel comfortable. If you choose to leave underwear or other clothing on, this will now create the boundary with the draping of the top sheet. (I can, however, work over the top sheet with compression work.) Your modesty and comfort will always be honored and respected. The only part that will be undraped will be the area I am working on.

During Your Session

Once you are comfortably lying face down on the table (with your face resting in the padded face cradle) between the top sheet and the secured bottom sheet, you will call to me that you are now ready to begin. I will then enter after a quiet knock at the door. Your allotted time for your session starts once the massage has started. Sometimes I may go over, and if you are needing to end at a specific time or have someplace to go immediately following the session, I would really appreciate you letting me know when you first arrive.

I prefer to work in silence, as I feel that it is not only important for you as the client to fully relax and enjoy your massage experience, but also for me to totally concentrate and focus on you and the work I'm doing. I call this "getting in my being-ness". This time for me becomes almost a moving meditation or a beautiful dance, if you will. With all this said, some clients prefer to engage in conversation and I always enjoy getting to know you! That's one of the nicest things about my work. Communication is also essential throughout the massage as far as the amount of pressure, strokes, or technique is concerned, or if at any time you are experiencing discomfort, pain, or any concerns, it is vital for me to know.

I do everything I can to provide an exceptional level of service, and it is my goal to exceed and even anticipate your expectations and needs. I not only want to intuitively provide you with a wonderfully relaxing and comfortable experience on my table, but I also strive to do the work that needs to be done in the areas of your body that need specific focus and attention. I feel that this sensitive balance of the two is my gift as a therapist.  Above all, this is your massage, and it is my hope that you can express any feedback about technique, the temperature or lighting of the room, or any other suggestions you may have to make your session even better.

After Your Session

Once your session is completed, I will leave the room. Take all the time you need getting off the table. Sometimes it's nice to close your eyes for a few moments to just breathe, get grounded, and enjoy the stillness, relaxation, and heightened awareness you may be experiencing. After you have changed back into your street clothing, we will meet outside the room. I will ask how you are feeling, if your needs and goals were met during the session, as well as any "homework" stretches or self- care suggestion you may do at home.

I will encourage you to take the bottled water I provided in the studio for you to help flush out any minerals or metabolic waste that were now brought into circulation because of the massage. This will not only be beneficial to help keep you hydrated, but will also reduce the likelihood that you may experience minor muscle aches the next day; especially common if you don't receive massage frequently.

I like to check in with my clients within a day or two to see how they are feeling, and how their body reacted to the massage. Expect a friendly phone call or email from me! Attention to details such as these, sending out promotions or specials, as well as acknowledging your birthday or other special holidays with a personalized card from me in the mail all adds to a healthy and happy therapeutic relationship between me as your therapist and you as my client.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to walk with you on your healing and wellness journey. I not only look forward to our time together, but for the fulfillment and joy I receive in being of service to you.